These are general instructions for downloading and copying a video from our website to a CD. They may vary depending on the software you have installed or your operating system.

1.  Insert a recordable CD into your drive.
2.  If a box comes up asking you what you want to do, select “cancel”  “no” or “nothing”
3. Right click on DL or one of the top links (Windows Media Player or RealPlayer)
4. Select Save Target As
5. Select “Desktop” as the place to save your video.
6. Click Save (this may take a few minutes for larger files) – you may see a progress bar on the screen. (This screen may go away when the video downloading is complete.)
7. Minimize the h2o video page
8. Right click on the video icon now saved on your desktop.
9. Choose the option to send that video to your CD drive.  (This is a “send” or “copy” option, not a “burn” option.)
10.  Wait for a message that says you have items ready to copy onto a CD (this message may or may not come up based on your computer settings).  Then click on those instructions.
11.  Select “copy to CD” and follow any instruction wizard that comes up.

This should start the process of copying to your CD – If not, then try to eject the CD, which will usually bring up a message box which lets you know there are files waiting to be written.

If all else fails, email us, and we will send you a hard copy of the CD.